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News and Contests --

December 2006

Jennifer Jordan our fiction Editor has sold her Anthology FUCK NOIR to Bleak House Books. Look for it in the fall of 2007.

You might have heard by now we won the Anthony Award at Bouchercon for best magazine. We were and still are very humbled. It was a surprise and we are very grateful for the support from everyone.

If you've been reading the magazine you might have noticed a few changes. New paper for the covers, and a little different look inside with new headers and subtle layout changes. We'd love some feed back on it.

Don't forget to check out our Crimespree Blog at
and keep your eyes open for the upcoming Central Crime Cinema blog, a place for DVD and movie reviews and news as it relates to crime fiction fans.

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Ruth, Jon and Jennifer will be at LOVE IS MURDER in Chicago the first weekend in Febuary, hope to see you there!

August 22, 2006

So I realized we haven't updated the news portion of Crimespree in some time. What's been going on since last we typed? We've passed the mark from 2 years to 3 thanks to all of you wonderful people. As of last February, Crimespree began offering special issues at events. Not every event, but many. Look for a special issue in the Bouchercon bags this year. This is something we hope to continue in the future so if you have any reaction to a "special" pro or con, let us know.

Jon and I have done some conventions this year and we've sat at home wishing we were at all the ones we missed along the way. Chicago's LOVE IS MURDER was a new convention for us last February and I have to say the chaotic informality of it all makes it a truly special con. Chuck full of panels and meals this is a little gem in our community. We also attended MAYHEM IN THE MIDLANDS in Omaha for the second time. The ladies of Omaha's Public Library throw a heck of a Memorial Day celebration on all things mystery. And the location is great. Plenty of extra fun within walking distance. No matter what fun is to you.

Our photo editor is everywhere. Mary Regan is a fireball. So even the events we fail to makeÖ.. well Mary's there, camera in hand ready to get the best candid shot.

This summer has been full of reading, visiting with authors brave enough to make the trip to Milwaukee part of their tour, and DVDs. Jon and Jeremy are keeping you abreast of that on the blog and in the magazine. It's been a huge amount of work for our Entertainment Editor Jeremy and I've got to give him some props here for bringing us full swing into the multi-media mystery tour.

On the Anthony Nomination for the magazine. It is an honor to be nominated and we thank everyone who put us on their ballot. It's great to be included with a list of folk who I admire for forwarding the mystery. Our first congrats came from Janet Rudolph and that was special. And we still have four weeks of "pinch me so I know it's real" to go before it's back to reality.

Finally, Crimespree and the Muskego Public Library are sponsoring a one day mystery event in Muskego on Saturday, November 11th. Confirmed to attend are Tess Gerritsen, Libby Helmann, John Connolly, Nathan Singer, Blake Crouch, David Morrell, Julia Spencer-Fleming, Joe Konrath, Judy Clemens and Sandy Balzo. If you're in the area it's free. We'll post on the blog as soon as the website is up.

Enjoy you're last few weeks of summer and hopefully we won't be as long updating everyone next time.


January 3rd 2006

It's 2006 and we are coming up on our third year as a real magazine. So thanks to everyone who has subscribed, read and advertised or in anyother way helped us out.

Issue 10 should be back from the binders by the 9th and off to the mailing service that day. The binders were shut down for the holidays so it's about a week late.

Ruth and I will be at LOVE IS MURDER in Chicago in Feb. We're both on panels and it looks like fun.

Issue 10 has the results of our polling for favorite book of the year. They can also be found on the Central Crime Zone blog.

The Jack Reacher of The Year for 2005 will be announced at Bouchercon in Madison.

And remember, any comments or questions or what not feel free to drop a line.

Lee Child, left, and Ayo Onatade

October 23, 2005

The first annual Crimespree awards were given out at the crimespree party at Bouchercon in Chicago. This year we had three. The favorite book of the year for 2004 went to Scott Phillips for COTTONWOOD. The Jack Reacher book of the year went to Lee Child for THE ENEMY.

With the permission of Lee Child we'll be giving this award out every year. It is an editorial award but we like our readers input. Not only must this book be a fast and entertaining read that you'd recommend to anyone BUT must also be an author, while highly successful continues to give back to the mystery community (readers, writers and organizations) in a selfless manner.

And contributor of the year went to Ayo Onatade.

We are now calling for nominations for next year's awards and have added an award for best book in a continuing series.

In other news, Ruth is co-chairing Bouchercon 2008 with Judy Bobalik in Baltimore Maryland. Jennifer Jordan has an anthology coming out next year from Bleak House and Jon Jordan should have his sequel to Interrogations done.

We are also welcoming Julia Spencer-Fleming on board with issue 10 as a regular columnist. We're still working on a clever title....

The cover price went up with issue 8, and with issue 9 the subscription rates will be going up as well. Postage and production costs have brought this about and we are trying to keep it as low as we can.

Any comments or ideas please send to

June 26, 2005
Stirring Up A Storm

Jennifer Jordan, our short fiction editor, is in an upcoming anthology. It's called Stirring Up a Storm: Tales of the Sensual, the Sexual, and the Erotic.

She's in pretty good company too; Dorothy Allison;.two-time O. Henry Short Story Prize winner and Pushcart Prize Winner Janice Eidus; Pushcart Prize winner and National Book Award finalist Kim Addonizio; Bellwether Prize winner Milda M. De Voe; Pushcart Prize nominee Holly Farris; Lauren Henderson; Jennifer Jordan; Joyce Carol Oates; Australia's platinum-selling recording artist Max Sharam; Solvej Schou; top-selling erotica writer Alison Tyler; Margaret Atwood; and top-selling BDSM writer Claire Thompson.

We're gearing up for Bouchercon in Chicago. Ayo Onatade is flying in from the UK, as is Ali Karim. We won't have a table this year but the latest issue of Crimespree (#8) will be on sale in the Dealer Room.

By the way, a great site for keeping up with reviews is Lots of great reviewers there and the site has tons of information on it.

April 7, 2005

Well, issue 5 is out there in the world. If you'd like to send us some feedback we'd love to hear what you think.

We are working on # 6 and #7 and we have some pretty nice stuff coming up, including interviews with Julia Spencer Fleming, Bill Fitzhugh, Harlan Coben and more. Also some great articles planned. Strangley, we seem to have a whole lot of pictures of various Ken Bruen sightings from around the US. He's kind of like Elvis, but with out the singing voice....

Is there an interview or article idea you think we would be good for crimespree? Let us know about it.

Ruth and I will be in Chicago on April 13th speaking to the Midwest chapter of MWA about Crimespree. We'll be back on June 11th at the Dark and Stormy Conference to interview guests of Honor Laura Lippman and Charlaine Harris.

And just for kicks we'll be in Omaha for Mayhem in the Midlands. We're going as civilians, just to enjoy the convention and hang out.

Jeremy went to the special preview for SIN CITY, he loved the movie. More to follow from Jeremy.

And Jennifer will have a short story in an upcoming anthology in June. More news as we get closer.

Happy reading,

January 12, 2005

Issue four is in the mail.

And the new shipping schedule is every other month, the second Friday of the month. The next issue (#5) should ship on March 11.

Don't be alarmed if you have blank pages at the end of the issue. The magazine is actually only 76 pages. The machine printed extra and we didn't see it till it came back from binding. I guess they could be considered bonus pages........

Ruth has been contributing to the Crime Zone

If you are not under snow and are warm, you are lucky. We got a bunch of snow last week and it is supposed to drop down to 10 degrees...... I'm lucky I don't have to leave the house.

Stay warm!

Dec. 15, 2004

Due to a midlife crisis with the machine that actually prints the magazine we are running a bit late. The repair person took a while to get to it due to a excess of work. It is printing again and issue 4 will be goin to the binders early the week of Xmas. We should be mailing out the week after.

Sorry for the delay, but it really was out of our hands.

And for the UK subscribers, we plan to snd issue two along with four to replace the ones that went missing ( or still sitting in customs somewhere...)

Nov. 27, 2004

Jeremy and Jill Entertainment editor Jeremy Lynch is engaged to be married. Ruth and I have met Jill and she is wonderful. Jeremy is very lucky. The big event is to happen in the beginning of 2005 and is rumored to involve Las Vegas and Elvis......

Jim Pascoe and his Emmy Jim Pascoe has won an Emmy award. Outstanding Achievement in Advanced Media Technology. Picture of Jim stolen from his website.

Take a peek at an interesting ad from Look magazine circa 1966......

Nov. 13, 2004

Well we are putting together the last issue of 2004. If everything goes according to plan it will ship out the first week of December. It will feature the usual timely reviews , but also some reviews from the previous year. We are also going to include a yearend wrap up with some input from some author friends who told us their favorite reads of the year.

Computer problems struck the Crime Spree offices again, but this time it was only the monitor. It started picking up a heavy bluish tint. For a while rapping it with my fist was a quick fix, but not one that would work over time. I luckily remedied the problem by getting a new flat screen 22Ē from Dell. Bigger is most definitely better. I am so glad they do time paymentsÖÖ.

Jennifer Jordan, one of our editors and a person with weird things to say has started a blog site. Itís really entertaining and full of pictures. Check it out.

Just for the record, I wonít be replying to emails the week that The Return Of The King special edition DVD set comes out. Iím camping out in the recliner for a few days and watching at least twelve straight hours of Lord Of The Rings.

and yes, I am one of those geeks....

There is a monster Sherlock Holmes collection out from Norton Books. You can order it directly from the publisher or your favorite independent book store. Details about the book are here on the publishers website. It features an introduction by John le Carré, and boasts 800-plus illustrations. It was edited by Leslie S. Klinger, an expert on Doyle.

It is an amazing set and would be great for gift giving or just adding to your own library. This could fill all your Sherlock Holmes needs with one purchase. November 2004 / hardcover / ISBN 0-393-05916-2 / 9" x 10" / 1700 pages

Donít forget the Save Moe campaign! Details on Reed Colemanís website. If you don't want to take a chance at winning a shirt, you can get your own Save Moe gear here. Of course, you'll want to complement your CrimeSpree gear.

One of my favorite new publishers this year is Bleak House Books. They have some great authors and are putting out consistently good books. Definitely worth checking out.

Iím going back to work on issue 4. If you need to get in touch drop me a line at

Oct. 16, 2004
Well, another Bouchercon is part of the past. Toronto was terrific. A great convention that was put on in what could be text book convention organizing.

I'd like to throw out a huge thanks to everyone who wore the Crime Spree buttons, and to everyone who subscribed. And Thanks to all the people who went out of their way to support our new magazine.

The other magazine publishers were all great and very friendly. A wonderful bunch of people.

In a few weeks once we've all settled back into our normal lives we should have a wonderful amount of pictures to share with you.


Moe Prager needs your help. Moe is the protagonist of Reed Farrel Coleman's mystery series. There is buzz that it could be the last. How can you help? Pre order the book at here. What's in it for you? Send the last four numbers of your order confirmation to Reed and you'll be entered in a drawing for free Save Moe t-shirts. The book is called The James Deans and it is terrific.


We will be having a drawing once a month from the names of the new subscribers from that month. By subscribing, you are automatically entered into the drawing.

The prize will be a book of our choice, a mystery obviously, and it may be an ARC for a upcoming book, or a hardcover of a new book, or even a classic book that we think every mystery fan should read.

Don't forget, we announce many more contests in the print magazine -- chances to win t-shirts, books, and other goodies.