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Contact CrimeSpree Magazine

Mailing Address:
536 South 5th Street, Suite 1A   
Milwaukee, WI 53204

Main E-mail Addresses:
Jon Jordan
Ruth Jordan
Jennifer Jordan
Jeremy Lynch

Crimespree Magazine Fiction Submission Guidelines:
  • Please label all e-mail correspondence with Crimespree Fiction in the subject line.
  • Due to the volume of submissions, we will only accept submissions bi-monthly, in the odd numbered months (Jan/Mar/May/Jul/Sep/Nov).
  • Stories should be related to crime fiction.
  • Crimespree can't offer monetary compensation at this time. However, your work will be published in print and thusly available for short fiction awards.
  • Please submit only one story at a time. Don't submit a second story until you have received a response to your first.
  • Maximum length is 5000 words.
  • Please include your name, address, e-mail address and date of submission on the first page of your story.
  • All stories to be submitted in a Word Document. Please do not mail hard copies.
  • Know that your work will undergo an editing process. If you don't feel you can work with an editor and you're not open to possible changes, rethink your submission. Editing involves proposed changes and resubmission. Crimespree has the right to reject work after resubmission.
  • The copyright always remains with the author, but the author grants Crimespree permission for print publication.
  • Submissions must be previously unpublished and not up for submission in another magazine.
  • Crimespree has publication rights for six months if your story is accepted.
  • Please keep in mind that once a story is accepted it MAY be up to a year before we can run it.
Short Fiction Editor: contact -- all review requests sent to this e-mail address will be deleted.