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Back Issues --

Crimespree Issue 39

Editorial, News Bites
David Thompson Tribute
Here's Ayo
Joel Goldman Interview by Jen Forbus
Embracing Chaos by CJ Lyons
Brad Parks Interview by Jen Forbus
Bouchercon 2011 Photos
Jimmy's First Bouchercon by Jimmy Calloway
Requiem For A Dandy by Joeseph Goddrich
Strychnine And Stilettos by Laura Shultze MFD
Giving Thanks by Reed Farrel Coleman
Two Gunshots by Todd Ritter
The Man Who Couldn't Write Proper Crime Books by Maxim Jakubowski
Crime Writer's Weapon Of Choice by Jen Forbus
Eye On Hollywood
DVD Reviews
Fiction; Officer Down by Robert J Mendenhall
Holiday Gift Guide 2010 by Jeremy Lynch
Buzz Bin And Book Reviews
Cooking With Crimespree by Joelle Charbonneau

Crimespree Issue 38

News Bites
Rants & Raves by Robert J Randisi
Ayo Onatade
THINGS TO DO by Valerie Mutton
Bryan Gruley Profile by Leliani Roma
Fiction: A CRAB, A RUSTLER, and an OSTRICH by Edward J McFadden III
Graham Brown Q&A
On The Loose In LA by Elizabeth Sims
Lessons From The Road by Hilary Davidson
How to Not Base Characters on People by Kieryn Nicolas
The Known Unknowns: Casseroling Genre Fiction & Biography by By Mike Atkinson
Craig's Joint - Craig McDonald
Reed Farrel Coleman
Sunshine and Crime by Michael Lister
Eye On Hollywood by Jeremy Lynch
DVD Reviews
Author Poll - Live Music
Crimespree @ Chicago Comic Con
Audio Books
Buzz Bin, Book Reviews
Crimespree on Comics
Cooking With Crimespree by Sara Gran

Crimespree Issue 37

Editorial by Ruth Jordan
Hey It's Ayo!
Footprints by Joseph Goodrich
Book Excerpt - LAST WORDS OF THE EXECUTED by Robert Elder
Cover Story LISA UNGER by Jen Forbus
Mysteries in Handwriting by Sheila Lowe
Panic Zone by Rick Mofina
Research and Personalities by Jamie Freveletti
Reed Farrel Coleman
Craig's Joint by Craig McDonald
Dialogue with Declan by Declan Burke
Sunshine and Crime by Michael Lister
Teen Books by Amy Alessio
Breaking Fifteen by Nora McFarland
Festival of Mystery by LC Hayden
Changing Genre by Michael Ridpath
Eye On Hollywood
DVD Reviews
Audio Books
Buzz Bin
Book Reviews
Crime and Idiocy by Jennifer Jordan
Fiction GOOMBA GANGSTERS by Gemma Scala
Crimespree on Comics
Cooking with Crimespree

Crimespree Issue 36

The Edgars in Pictures
Crimespree On Tap
SJ Bolton talks about BLOOD HARVEST
Memories of Jim Thompson by Maxim Jakubowski
LA Times Book Fair in Photos by Jen Forbus
Fiction: DEADTIME by Andrew Hook
Dancing Naked Across The Town Square by Peter Steiner
The First Book by Anthony Cardieri
Interview with Chris Grabenstein by Jen Forbus
Cover Story DECLAN HUGHES by Claire Lamb
Malice Domestic by L.C. Hayden
Dialogue with Declan - Declan Burke
Baby, Baby, It's A Wild World by Simon Wood
Reed Farrel Coleman
Craig's Joint - Craig McDonald
Sunshine and Crime - Michael Lister
Haunted St. Louis - Jon Jordan
Eye on Hollywood
DVD Reviews
FICTION: Lancelot by Mark Joseph Kiewlak
Book Reviews
Crimespree On Comics
Cooking With Crimespree featuring Lauren Henderson

Crimespree Issue 35

From The Editor By Ruth Jordan
Viewer Mail
News Bits
The Hot Ticket By Tony Perona
When The Police Are Gangsters By Pa Brown
Footprints: Agatha Christie By Ruth Jordan
Istanbul: Crimes Of Sultans And Detectives By Ayo Onatade
Crimespree On Tap: By Blake Crouch
Classified Dossier: James Bond's (Literary) Agent By Raymond Benson
Cover Story - Cara Black Interviewed
Fiction: Bronx Summer 1971 By Steven Torres
No Such Thing As Smooth Sailing By JP White
Two Decades Of Noir In Fest By Maxim Jakubowski
Dialogue With Declan By Declan Burke
Great PIs On Film By Michael A Black
Craig's Joint By Craig Mcdonald
Reed Farrel Coleman
Machismo By Steven Torres
The Mary Sue Metascript: Memoir Of A Graphic Novel By Jon Evans
Amy's Mysteries For Teens By Amy Alessio
Sunshine And Crime By Michael Lister
Crime And Idiocy By Jen Jordan
Eye On Hollywood By Jeremy Lynch
DVD Reviews
Interview With Peter Milligan By Jon Jordan
Audio Books
Buzz Bin and Book Reviews
The Bronx Kill Preview
Crimespree On Comics
Cooking With Crimespree With Jeri Westerson

Crimespree Issue 34

From The Editor by Jon
Hey. It's Ayo!
FICTION: An Arm And A Leg by Nigel Bird
A Tale of Two Worlds by Chris Knopf
Judas Quilt by Luisa Buehler
Courmayeur's Noir in Fest Festival by Maxim Jakubowski
Crimespree on Tap by Scott Phillips
Hilarious Othello by Fred Zackel
COVER STORY - Steve Hamilton Interview by Ruth Jordan
Sunshine and Crime by Michael Lister
Craig's Joint by Craig McDonald
Angela S. Chio Interview by Allison Janssen
Reed Farrel Coleman
Dialogue With Declan by Declan Burke
Series for Tweens and Teens by Amy Alessio
FICTION: Los Millonarios by Scott Wolven
Eye On Hollywood by Jeremy Lynch
DVD reviews
Brad Parks Interview by David J Montgomery
Buzz Bin and Book Reviews
Crimespree on Comics
Special Preview of THE CHILL by Jason Starr
Cooking with Crimespree by Scott Phillips<

Crimespree Issue 33

From The Editor Ruth Jordan
News Bites
Gerald A Browne Interviewed By Ruth Jordan
Footprints: The Godfather By Ruth Jordan
I Walk The Lines By Ellen Hart
Great Private Eyes On Film Part 1 By Michel A Black
Cover Story - Charles And Caroline Todd Interviewed By Jon Jordan
The Day Of Great Movie Palaces By Caroline Todd
Tom Schreck Interview By Jen Forbus
Life Imitates Art By PD Martin
A Crush On The Napa Valley By Alan Jacobson
One Image By Russel D Mclean
Reed Farrel Coleman
Fiction: Bledsoe And Jones Investigate: The Finger Murders By Valerie Mutton
Craig's Joint By Craig Mcdonald
Sunshine And Crime By Michael Lister
Short And Sweet: Short Stories By Simon Wood
Bouchercon Pictures
Holiday Gift Guide
DVD Reviews
Eye On Hollywood Jeremy Lynch
Teen Thrillers From This World And Beyond By Amy Alessio
Audio Books
Xmas Books
Five With Allan Guthrie
Buzz Bin and Book Reviews
Crimespree On Comics
Coking With Crimespree By Brian Azzarello

Crimespree Issue 32

From the Editor by Jon Jordan
Q & A with Jamie Freveletti by Dana Kaye
Hey It's Ayo - Akimitsu Takagi
Jason Pinter Interviewed by a Jerk
Fiction - Daughters by Nathan Walpow
Cover Story - Bruen and Coleman Interviewed by Gabriel Cohen
Robert Ward Interviewed by Jon Jordan
City of Hearts, City of Dragons by Kelli Stanley
Interview with Mike Carey by by Jon Jordan
A Touch of Paris by Margot Justes
I Love You Jonathan A Turner by Steve Hockensmith
Interview with Rick Geary by Jon Jordan
Dialogue With Declan (Declan Burke)
Reed Farell Coleman column
Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson Interviewed by Jon Jordan
Craig's Joint (Craig McDonald)
Sunshine and Crime from Michael Lister
Eye On Hollywood by Jeremy Lynch
DVD Reviews
The Sixty Year Old Virgin from Lenny Kleinfeld
Crimespree On Tap featuring Anthony Neil Smith
Footprints: Dorothy Uhnak by Ruth Jordan
Interview with Adrian McKinty by Ruth Jordan
Buzz Bin/Book Reviews
Crimespree on Comics
Cooking With Crimespree featuring JT Ellison

Crimespree Issue 31

Editorial By Jen Jordan
News Bites
Ayo Onatade talks about Crimefest
Married Amateur Sleuths by EJ Rand
FICTION- Bullies By Bryon Leigh
Cover Story BRIAN AZZARELLO Interview by Sean Chercover
Malice Domestic Through New Eyes by Joanna Campbell Slan
FICTION -Murder in the University By Larry Lefkowitz
Interview with Frankie Y Bailey by Jon Jordan
Blake Crouch interviewed By Hank Wagner
The New Black; Sean Black by Interview by Russel D McLean
Footprints: Gerald A Browne by Ruth Jordan
Craig's Joint by Craig McDonald
Dialogue With Declan by Declan Burke
Reed Farrel Coleman
Mickey Mouse Meets Gangster by Christy Hintz
Rosemary Harris Interview by Amy Alessio
Crime and Idiocy- All Nude Edition by Jen Jordan
Eye On Hollywood by Jeremy Lynch
DVD Reviews
Lisa Unger Interview by Jon Jordan
Sunshine and Crime by Michael Lister
Getting Tough for a Change by Chester Campbell
Audio Books coverage
Buzz Bin (what's on the shelves)
Crimespree on Tap, a new feature with authors talking about libations, this month by Nate Flexer
Book Reviews

Issue 30

Mark Billingham Interview
Top Ten Research List by Gregg Hurwitz
Fiction: DEAR DIARY by Jack Kilborn
Shooting the Dead by Blake Crouch
A Visit to Bath by Margot Justes
Near Disaster at an Ultra-Marathon Race by Jamie Freveletti
Cover Story JOHN CONNOLLY Interview by Jen Jordan
Ayo Onatade
The Jersey Boys by Jeff Cohen and Chris Grabenstein
Footprints: John Creasey by Ruth Jordan
Jack Kilborn Interview
Justin Shady interview
Getting Above it All by David Morrell
Michael Connelly Interview
Craig’s Joint
Crime and Idiocy presented by Jen Jordan
Dialogue with Declan
Fiction: On The Threshold of Death by Raymond Benson
Power of Fans by Seth Heywood
Reed Farrel Coleman
Spencer-Fleming for Hire
Sunshine and Crime by Michael Lister
Young Adult: Genre Crossing by Amy Alessio
Eye On Hollywood
DVD Reviews
Buzz Bin
Book Reviews
Crimespree on Comics
Jerry Ordway Interview
Cooking with Crimespree With Russell McLean

Issue 29

A Chinese Affair by Ayo Onatade
Sweet Home Chicago by Sam Reaves
Thrillerfest: A Killer Convention by Shirley Kennett
Fiction: Family Man by Hilary Davidson
Cover Story: CJ BOX By Ruth Jordan
Linda Fairstein Interview By Jon Jordan
On The Road: Love Is Murder
Fiction: Pigeons by Kat Richardson
Interview with Andrew Grant
Interview with Barry Eisler
A Quickie with Brian Wiprud
Reed Farrel Coleman
Dialogue with Declan by Declan Burke
Craig’s Joint by Craig McDonald
Spencer-Fleming for Hire by Julia Spencer-Fleming
Sunshine and Crime by Michael Lister
In Character by Sandra Ruttan
Eye On Hollywood
DVD Reviews
Crime and Idiocy from Jen Jordan
Fiction: Safe Word by Mike MacLean
Buzz Bin
Book Reviews
Crimespree On Comics
Cooking With Crimespree by Laura Benedict

Crimespree 28

Editorial by Jen Jordan
In memorandum: George C Chesbro by Jon Jordan
Hey It’s Ayo!
New Year’s Resolutions
Fiction : BUG SCUFFLE By Mike Sheeter
Cover Story: Jenny Siler and the Art of the Heist By Clair Lamb
Medieval Confidential By Jeri Westerson
Footprints: Frank Kane by Jon and Ruth Jordan
Michael A Black profile by By Jerry Peterson
Reed Farrel Coleman
Craig’s Joint by Craig McDonald
Dialogue With Declan by Declan Burke
Thrilling Teen reads by Amy Alessio
Eye On Hollywood by Jeremy Lynch
DVD Reviews
Jess Lourey, a Profile by Jerry Peterson
Tips For Writing Future Noir By Warren Hammond
Crime and Idiocy from Jennifer Jordan
Book Reviews
Crimespree on Comics
Cooking With Crimespree by Marcus Sakey

Issue 27

The Serial Killer Next Door by Michelle Gagnon
Fiction -- ANOTHER METROPOLIS by Edward Musto
Doug Cummings Interviewed By Linda Mickey
The Black Widow Agency is Born By Felicia Donivan
Cover Story -- HARD CASE CRIME By Ruth Jordan
It’s About Time by Cheryl Solmini
Meeting at the Crossroads: Chris Grabenstien Interviewed by Amy Alesio
Crime and Idiocy by Jen Jordan
Fiction -- Disturbance in the Field by Roberta Iselib
Reed Farrel Coleman’s column
Craigs Joint from Craig McDonald
Dialogue With Declan from Declan Burke
Weaving Reality With Fiction by Julie Kramer
Route 66 by David Morrell
Eye On Hollywood from Jeremy Lynch
DVD Reviews
Fiction -- JUST FRIENDS by Terry Sanville
The Crimespree Holiday Gift Guide
Book Reviews
Crimespree on Comics
Cooking with Crimespree

Issue 26

From The Editor by Jon Jordan
On the Road by Jon Jordan, Robert Levinson
No Man Left Behind by Declan Burke
Hey! It's Ayo by Ayo Onatade
When Nature Bites by Karen Dionne
Cover Story: Mo Hayder by Jon Jordan
Reviewing From The Other Side by Libby Hellmann
Will Link grilled by Robert Levinson
Puzzling it Out by Sophie Hannah
Knee Deep in Blood and Guts by Alan Jacobson
Eye On Hollywood by Jeremy Lynch
DVD Reviews
Spencer-Fleming for Hire
The Inside Scoop by Hank Phillippi Ryan and Hallie Ephron
Joseph Wambaugh by Interviewed by Cameron Hughes
A Quickie with Chris Simms
Tony Black Interviewed by Russel McLean
The Wild Weird West by Craig Johnson
Crime and Idiocy from Jen Jordan
Fiction: The Case of the Cretan Goshawk by Caroline Todd
Craig's Joint by Craig McDonald
Mystery Photos
A Quickie with Blake Crouch
Buzz Box and Book Reviews
Crimespree on Comics
Cooking with Crimespree by Reed Farrel Coleman

Issue 25

A Really Bad Day -- Fiction by Al Navis
Adventures Of Slim, Howdy and Bob Dillon by Bill Fitzhugh
Tales Of Billy Boyle by James R Benn
Cover Story -- Michael Koryta Interview by Ruth Jordan
The Edgar Experience by Craig Mcdonald
Musical Mystery Tour by Peggy Ehrhart
Crime and Idiocy by Jen Jordan
Lisa Unger Interview by Jon Jordan
Reed Farrel Coleman
Spencer-Fleming For Hire
Rants and Raves by Robert J Randisi
Importance Of Lingerie To The Short Story by Marcus Sakey
Val Mcdermid and The West Wing
Eye On Hollywood by Jeremy Lynch
DVD Reviews
Sand In His Shoe -- Fiction by Tochi Onyebuchi
Book Reviews
Crimespree On Comics
Cooking With Crimespree by Zoë Sharp and Andy Butler

Issue 24

Crimespree Award Winners
On The Road-Left Coast Crime by Simon Wood
The Future Is Now by Jonathan Santlofer
Interview with Theresa Stevens from Luisa Buehler
Fiction: LAST SATURDAY'S AT BLAKE'S by Rodolphe Cuzon
Thomas Chaloner, A Reluctant Spy by Ayo Onatade
Small Press Blues by Joe Stein
Cover Story: Tom Schreck and Michael Black
Crime and Idiocy from Jennifer Jordan
Daniel Edward Craig Interviewed by Jon Jordan
Fiction: GHOST PLANE by Suzanne Tyrpak
Marvel University by Dana Cameron
A Word from your Sponsor by Joanna Campbell Slan
Warren Murphy Interviewed by Jon Jordan
Steve Alten Interview By Cameron Hughes
Eye On Hollywood by Jeremy Lynch
DVD Reviews
Spencer-Fleming for Hire Julia Spencer-Fleming
Reed Farrel Coleman
The Disappearing Mouse by Caroline Todd
Timely Teen Titles by Amy Alessio
Raymond Chandler and Me by Jeri Weston
Writes of Spring at
Once Upon a Crime
Book Reviews
Crimespree on Comics
Cooking with Crimespree by Katherine Hall Page

Issue 23

From The Editor- Ruth Jordan
Lori Avocado in Alaska
Small Publisher Spotlight: Busted Flush
Fiction: THE BEWITCHED by by James Patrick Hunt
Cover story: Crimedogs
Crimespree on the Road: Love is Murder
Sex Drugs rock and roll...and a comic Thriller by Raymond Benson
The Parisian Jungle; French Crime fiction by Jean-Marc Lofficier
Interview with Ben Leroy
Eye On Hollywood-Jeremy Lynch.
DVD Reviews
Fiction: THE MEDIUM AND THE MAN by Tony Perona
Michael Stanley Interviewed By Pat and Gary from Once Upon a Crime
Reed Farrel Coleman: Back to the Future
Gary Shultze
B. Clayton Moore Interviewed by Jon Jordan
Reed Farrel Coleman
Spencer Fleming for Hire
Patry Francis Interviewed
Midwest Literary Festival by Ron Edison
Julie Hyzy interviewed by James Dasner
Jewish Boys do Ride Motorcycles by Ken Issacson
Crime and Idiocy #3
Authors and DVDs
Buzz Box
Book Reviews
Comics Spotlight
Cooking With Crimespree featuring Sean Chercover

Issue 22
Murder and Mayhem in Muskego in pictures
Authors in the Bush by L.C. Hayden
Hey! It's Ayo!
Footprints: Rex Stout by Linda Mickey
Fiction: PITCH by Michael Penncavage
Web-isodes by Susan Arnout Smith
Cover Story: Megan Abbott
Linda Richards on her latest
Fiction : FIRST TIME HITMAN by Thomas Mollica
Reed Farrel Coleman
Rants and Raves from Robert J Randisi
Rebecca Pawel Interview by Anthony Rainone
Editing Chicago Blues by Libby Hellmann
Extreme Suspense : Fiction for Teens by Amy Allessio
Eye On Hollywood with Jeremy Lynch
DVD Reviews
Conversation with Marcia Muller by Gay Totl Kinman
California Burning by Randall Hicks
Killer Year Redux by JB Thompson
Daughters of Juarez by Ruth Jordan
Fiction: 24/7 SECURITY by JD Rhoades
Interview with Ed Brubaker by Duane Swierczynski
Where Ideas Come From by Gabriel Cohen
Book Reviews
Quick Interview with Ruth Cavin by Steve Hamilton
Crimespree on Comics
Cooking with Crimespree - A recipe from Martyn Waites

Issue 21

On The Road: Wizard World Chicago
Hey It's Ayo!
Theresa Schwegel Interview By Blake Crouch
Aging Heroes by Robert Walker
Under The Radar by Richard Katz
Cover Story Max Allan Collins
Fiction: Tales Of The Closet by Susan Brassfield Cogan
Jason Aaron Interview
Otto Penzler Interview
Crime and Idiocy by Jen Jordan
Reed Farrel Coleman
Spncer-Fleming for Hire
Tess Gerritsen Interview By JA Konrath
Stick Up Kid by Theo Gangi
A Brief Journey Through Greenland by Kevin Wignall
Alex Barclay interviewed By Michael Marshall
Simon Wood Interviewed
Fiction: Fan Fic by Julia Thomas
Talking Comics With Ian
Eye On Hollywood
DVD Reviews
Bouchercon in Pictures By Mary Reagan
Journalism by Steven Owad
Steven Torres Interviewed By Russel McLean
A Quick Five with Mark Billingham
Music and Writing By Robert Liparulo
The Buzz Box and Book Reviews
Crimespree on Comics
Cooking With Crimespree

Issue 20

Crimespree On The Road with Anthony Rainone, L.C.Hayden, & Ruth Jordan
Hey! It's Ayo - Jose Latour Ayo Onatade
Fiction: PAYDAY by Graham Powell
The International Mystery Writers' Festival
Dave White Interviewed by Jim Winter
Punching Up A Mystery by Tom Schreck
COVER STORY Charlaine Harris Interviewed by Kat Richardson
Reed Farrel Coleman
Spencer-Fleming for Hire
Rants and Rave Robert J Randisi
Fiction: THE RED GARTER by Shawn Patrick Bagley
Alison Gaylon Interview by Jason Starr
The Serial Talents of Steve Hamilton By Editor Anthony Rainone
Eye On Hollywood By Editor Jeremy Lynch
DVD Reviews
How To Make A Murderer by Laura Benedict
Mysterious Teen Trends by Amy Allessio
Wedding Pictures!!!! From Once Upon A Crime
Jennifer Rardin Interview By Jennifer Jordan
Book Reviews
Comic Spotlight Extra: Fables by Ruth Jordan
Comics Spotlight by Comics Editor Neal Bohl
Cooking With Crimespree recipe from Judy Clemens

Issue 19

Edgar Awards Photos by Mary Reagan
Hey It's Ayo Ayo Onatade
Con Lehane interviewed By Steven Torres
Crime/Horror=Thriller Daniel Hatadi
Footprints: Vin Packer by Sandra Scoppettone
Fiction: Prayers For The Dying by Jeremiah Healy
Allan Guthrie Interview By Steven Torres
Warren Ellis Interview By Neil Bohl
Cover Story: Lee Child and Gregg Hurwitz
Inspired by Life by Catherine O'Connell
Everything is Extraordinary by Jon Evans
Peter Lovesey Interview by Annie Chernow
Spencer-Fleming for Hire
Randisi's Rants and Raves
Fiction: Crimewave by Twist Phelan
Why Crime? Michael Robatham
I Will.. Steve Mosby
The Accident Man Tom Cain
Eye On Hollywood
DVD Reviews
Teen Mysteries Amy Alassio
Stuart MacBride Interview by James Winter
Jessica Speart By Lori Andrews
Irish Crime Fiction Declan Burke
Revenge Paul Johnston
Carol Ann Davis Interview by Russell MacLean
Book Reviews
Cooking With Crimespree by Kevin Wignall

Issue 18

From the Editor by Jeremy Lynch
News Bits
On The Road with Anthony Rainone
Under The Radar by Richard Katz
Thrilled To Death by M. Diane Vogt
The Day Job Jumpstart by Lori Andrews
Giving Good Interview by Carl Brookins
Footprints: Richard Prather, You Don't Know Dick by Ruth Jordan
Cover Story - Laura Lippman Interview by Sujata Massey
Fiction: Someone Is Going To Die Tonight by Rhys Bowen
John Harvey Interview by Mark Billingham
Bookstore Spotlight: Mysterious Galaxy by Cameron Hughes
Interview with Stephen King by by Jon Jordan
Conversation with Bill Bryan and Tom Straw
Fiction: The Last Time I Die by Johhny Bassoff
Robert Ferrigno Interview by by Tim Maleeny
Reed Farrel Coleman
Spencer-Fleming for Hire
Eye On Hollywood by Jeremy Lynch
DVD Reviews
Fiction: Mesopotamia by Tribe
Book Reviews
Crimespree on Comics by Jon
Cooking With Crimespree with Alafair Burke

Issue 17

Barbara Seranella Remembered - Ruth Jordan
News Bits
Festivals in Spain and Australia - Jason Starr
Meagan Abbot and Jonathan Santlofer - Interviewed by Steven Torres
"I Know Chicks" - Chris Mooney
Crimespree's Favorite books of 2006
FICTION: The Thief Of Youth - Judy Clemens
COVERSTORY: The Anatomy of a Deal - Robert J Randisi
Poker and Mystery - Jon Jordan
Shawn Ryan of the Shield - Interviewed by Ben Leroy
Gregg Hurwitz on the Shield
Pamela Samuels-Young - Interviewed by Reed Farrel Coleman
An author's Education - Peter Spiegelman
Touching Base with Craig Johnson
FICTION: Always The Bad Guy - James M Harris
Aussie Nightmare to US book - PD Martin
David Morrell - Interviewed b Hank Wagner
Eye On Hollywood - Jeremy Lynch
DVD Reviews
FICTION: Objet D'Art - Robert Weibezahl
Paperback Releases
Book Reviews
What's new in Comics


Issue 16

Hey! It's Ayo by Ayo Onatade
Footprints - John Ball by Ruth Jordan
Fiction-NO FLIES ON FRANK by Danuta Reah
Cover Story - Sean Chercover and Marcus Sakey
New Faces in Mystery
Mysteries Of Teens by Amy Alessio
Spencer-Fleming for Hire by Julia Spencer-Fleming
That's Not The Point by Rick McMahan
Fiction - Pain Management by Tyler Dilts
Alive and Kickin' by L.C. Hayden
Eye On Hollywood by Jeremy Lynch
DVD Reviews
James Sallis by Interviewed by Tribe
Keith Snyder Movie Profile by Sarah Weinman and Mary Reagan
Book Reviews
Crimespree Poll - Hotdogs
Comics Roundup
Cooking With Crimespree - Tacos from Anthony Neil Smith

Issue 15

from the editors
Bouchercon in Pictures
Barbara Collins
Colin Cotterill interview
Fiction - Harrison
JT Ellroy article
James Crumley interviewed by Laura Lippman
Reed Farrel Coleman
Confessions of a Rock critic - clea simon
Spencer-Fleming for Hire
Rants and Raves with Robert J Randisi
Cara Black interview
fiction David Case- The Way I See It
Footprints - Jim Thompson
Footprints II - Top fifty list
Crimespree Holiday gift guide
Bookstore Spotlight - San Francisco
Harry Shannon
DVD reviews
DVD List
Under the radar
Robert Wilson Interview
Jason Pinter article
Jeremy's X-mas list
Rankin's NAMING OF THE DEAD spotlight
Book Reviews
More Bouchercon Pictures
Comics round up

cover of CrimeSpree Magazine

Issue 14

Guest Editorial by Kevin Wignall
News Bits
On The Road
Hey! It's Ayo Onatade!
Superstition by Caroline and Charles Todd
Fiction: The Multi Colored Herring by Bertil Falk
FBI at the Door by Claire Matturo
Martyn Waites Interviewed by Ray Banks
Cover Story - The Ruckanomicon Spotlight on Greg Rucka by Jon, Ruth and Robert Emrich
Reed Farrel Coleman
Desert Thunder by Michael A Black
Spencer-Fleming For Hire
Rants and Raves from Robert J Randisi
Bruce and Troy Cook by Interview by Caroline Todd
Fiction: Elena Speaks Of the City by Steven Torres
Mysteries of Teens by Amy Alessio
Bookstore Spotlight: Poisoned Pen by Laura Watkins
Spinetingler Magazine by Sandra Ruttan
Sunshine and Crime by Michael Lister
Under The Radar by Sir Richard Katz
When Your Character Precedes You by JD Rhoades
Philip K Dick by Tribe
Mark Billingham talks to John Rickards
Eye On Hollywood by Jeremy Lynch
DVD Reviews
DVDs Coming Soon
Ray Banks interviews Martin Waites
Diving Into Mystery by Kathy Brandt
Book Reviews
Comics and Graphic Novels by Jon Jordan
Karin Slaughter

Issue 13

Rants and Raves - Robert J Randisi
News Bits
On The Road with Jason Starr and Denise Hamilton
A Gustatory Commentary by Carl Brookins
Dublin Noir Launch by James R Winter
Kick Ass Gals & Hard Core Guys by Ayo Onatade
Gentleman Loser by Reed Farrel Coleman
Fiction: Blood Red, Dead White and the 4th of July Blues by Michael Allan Dymmoch
Hell's Kitchen by Ira Berkowitz
Photos by Mary Reagan
Cover Story: Karin Slaughter Interview by Tess Gerritson
Spencer-Fleming for Hire
Lost In Translation-Dagger Awards by Danuta Reah
John Rickards Interviewed by Sandra Ruttan
Twisting the Turns by MJ Rose
Interview with Bill Pronzini by Robert S.P. Lee
Fiction: The Butcher by Sandra Ruttan
Night With The Vice Squad by Lindsay Jayne Ashford
Is The PI Novel Dead? by Daniel Hatadi
Fiction: Where The Heart Is by Pearce Hanson
Eye On Hollywood by Jeremy Lynch
How The West Was Lost by Steve Hockensmith
DVD Reviews & Releases
Book Reviews
To celebrate two years
we have
two covers
for Issue 12...

Issue 12 Table of Contents

Editorials - Ben Leroy and Ruth Jordan
News Bits
On The Road with Ali Karim, Ayo Onatade
Reality TV by Heather Webber
Perfection And How To Achieve It by Walter Satterthwait
Conversation with Kate Stine by SJ Rozan
Bookstore Spotlight: Black Orchid by Anthony Rainone
Surveillance/Counter Surveillance by Barry Eisler
Fiction: The Morning After by Douglas Shepherd
Cover Story: Val McDermid and interview by Ruth Jordan
Spencer-Fleming for Hire by Julia Spencer-Fleming
Robert Crais Interviewed by Jon Jordan
Going Undercover with Gayle Lynds by Rob Krese
Fiction: Bad Press by Charles Edward
Scott Wolven Interview by Bryon Bryon Quertermous
Grandpa's Gun by Nick Stone
Ghost Of A Chance by Casey Daniels
One Writer's Remedial Reading by Chris Grabenstein
R-E-S-P-E-C-T by Reed Farrel Coleman
What The %&@#? by Todd Robinson
Voices by Laura Bradford
Whipsaw by Steve Brewer
Fiction: Hidden Scars by Adrian Milnes
Eye On Hollywood by Jeremy Lynch
Crimes on .45 by Kevin Burton Smith
Book Reviews, DVD Reviews and Paperback and DVD Releases
Read Spouse by Sam Hill --
an original short story exclusive to CrimeSpree

Cover, issue 11

Issue 11

On The Road by Jon Jordan
Look What The Cat Draggeed In by Ayo Onatade
A Correspondence by Sharon Fiffer and John Connolly
Cozies or Hardboiled by JA Konrath
A New Author's Perspective by Shirley Damsgaard
Why You Shouldn't Buy My Novel by Anthony Neil Smith
Fiction - Load by Bryon Quartermous
Cover Story - T Jefferson Parker interview by CJ Box
Spencer-Fleming For Hire by Julia Spencer-Fleming
Rants and Raves by Robert J Randisi
Reilly's World by Interview with Matt Reilly by Ruth Jordan
Sandman Mystery Theater by Jon Jordan
10 Differences between Writing and Painting by Jonathan Santlofer
Michele Martinez Interview by Reed Farrel Coleman
Sunshine and Crime by Michael Lister
Simon R Green Interview by Jon Jordan
Fiction - The Neon Wrestler by John Weagly
Eye On Hollywood by Jeremy Lynch, with Todd Robinson and Ken Bruen
Henry Kisor Interviewed by Michael A Black
ONI Press by Jon Jordan
The Blues Overtook Me by Nathan Walpow
Word From The Rain Forest by Caroline Todd
A Laundry List Of Possibilites by Sharon Short
Fiction - The King by EC Morgan
Plus -
Book Reviews, DVD Reviews, New in Paperback, DVD releases

Issue 10

News Bits
On The Road Ruth Jordan, Zoë Sharp, Steven Sidor and Gary Schulze
Coronado Ruth Jordan
Books Books Everywhere Ayo Onatade
Footprints: Eric Ambler, Allen Salter
The Lesbian Detective Novel Lori Lake
Fiction: Something Blue Julie Hyzy
Profile: Jan Burke Ruth Jordan
2005 in Review
Dagger Awards
The Column with No Name Julia Spencer Fleming
Cover Story Alafair Burke Ruth Jordan
Laundry List Sharon Short
What Is A Thriller? David Morell
When Worlds Collide James O. Born
He Writes, She Writes Robert J Randisi, Christine Matthews
Eye On Hollywood Jeremy Lynch
24 Turns 5 Libby Fischer Hellmann
My Favorite Film Jason Starr
DVD Reviews
Crimes On 45 Kevin Burton Smith
Fiction: The Service Call Judith Cobb Daily
CH CH CH Changes Ben Leroy
The Day Job: Lamp Lighter Simon Wood
My Favorite Book Alafair Burke
Menopause Da Series Jane Isenberg
King Fixer Reed Farrel Coleman
Charles and Caroline Todd Interview Judy Clemens
Book Reviews

Issue 9

From The Editor
On The Road By Ruth Jordan
Sneak Peek: A Virgin Author's Tour Report, Randall Hicks
Dennis Lynds Remembered By Robert J Randisi
Bouchercon 2005
Footprints - Lawrence Treat-By Ted Hertel Jr
The Gay Detective Novel By Lori Lake
Fiction- Mom, How'd You End Up In Jail? By A.A. Kelly
Fatwa, My Love By Nathan Singer
The Challenge by Don Bruns
Rants and Raves by Robert J Randisi
Cover Story-Max Allan Collins
Interview by Sean Chercover
Cover Story-Manuel Ramos
Interview by Steven Torres
Fiction-Bad Haircut Day By Manuel Ramos
Brian Azzarello Interview By Manuel Ramos
Giving Back By Cathryn J Lyons
Get Ransomed By Robert W Walker
Denise Mina Interview By Ruth Jordan
More pictures
IDW Publishing By Jon Jordan
Ridley Pearson Interview By Shirley Kennett
My Irish Godfather By Reed Farrel Coleman
IAMTW Is Born By Lee Goldberg
Fiction-Brooks Poetry Society-By James P Hanley
Martial Arts By Barry Eisler
Lunch With Lehane By Ruth Jordan
Eye On Hollywood By Jeremy Lynch
Reed's Tunes
Hail Margery! By Ruth Jordan
More Pictures
Charlie Huston Interview By Anthony Rainone
Ms. Terious

Issue 8

Letter From The Editor - Ruth Jordan
On The Road - featuring Ruth Jordan, Harry Hunsicker and Sean Chercover
Pictures of Mystery Events - Mary Reagan
Bouchercon Or Bust - Ayo Onatade
Footprints: Carrol John Daly - Gary Warren Niebuhr
On The Web (PDF) Crime Scene Scotland - Allan Guthrie
Fiction: DEAD PUPPIES - Otis Twelve
Evan Hunter - Jon Jordan
Rants and Raves - Robert J Randisi
Cover Story: Michael Connelly - Craig McDonald
Cover Story: William Kent Krueger - Jennifer Jordan, Jeremy Lynch
Route 66: My Road to Damascus - David Morrell
Fiction: THE DRIVER - Steven Torres
Bookstore Spotlight: M is for Mystery - Beth R Greene
Collaborating and Cohabitaing - JJ and Bette Golden Lamb
Interview with Zoe Sharp - Julia Spencer-Fleming
Not Yor Gandma's MWA - Reed Farrel Coleman
Self Publishing Myths - Sandra Tooley
Investigation of Writers - Lori Avocato
Eddie Little: American Outlaw - Ray Banks
Shoot To Thrill: 100 Bullets - Duane Swierczynski
Crimespree Eye On Hollywood - Jeremy Lynch
That Movie Career of Mine - Will Staeger
Questions Writers Get Asked - Shirley Kennett
Interview with Patricia Sprinkle - Maureen Robb
Book Reviews
Ms. Terious

Issue 7
Interview with David Bowker by Jennifer Jordan
Footprints: Father Knox's Rules by Ruth Jordan
Australian Crime Fiction by Adrian Milnes
Fiction -- Above The Fold by Trey R. Barker
Rants and Raves from Robert Randisi
Ugly Eye For The Mystery Guy by Jim Pascoe
Bookstore Spotlight -- Milwaukee's Mystery One
Cover Story -- Barry Eisler Declassified by Ruth Jordan, Joe Konrath
International Thrillers Writers Inc by Dave Bieman
Trouble Shooter Excerpt by Gregg Hurwitz
Publisher Spotlight: Hard Case Crime by Anthony Rainone
Dark Knight Detective by Jon Jordan
Interview with Joseph Finder by Jason Starr
Eye On Hollywood by Jeremy Lynch
My Favorite Crime Movie by Victor Gischler
The Unspoken Word by Reed Farrel Coleman
Sick Little Goobers by Blake Crouch
Fiction: The Investigation by HP Tinker
There's No Such Thing As A Bad Review by Ruth Jordan
Crimes On .45 by Kevin Burton Smith
Light Drizzle -- a parody by JA Konrath
Ms.Terious by Joe and Sam Lemmer
Plus lots of photos from BEA and more…
issue 6
Issue 6

Letter From The Editor
On The Road featuring Michelle Martinez, photos, and awards
Interview with Harlan Coben by Tony Perona
Footprints by Ruth Jordan
It Takes A Village; The Team behind John Connelly -- Jon Jordan
Why I Love New York...Rhys Bowen
Rawhead In The Cathedral -- Fiction by David Bowker
Rants and Raves from Robert Randisi
Ugly Eye For The Mystery Guy, with Jim Pascoe
Arlis Whittier and Weather in Your Novel
Julia Spencer-Fleming and Bill Fitzhugh, Denise Hamilton, Ross Hugo-Vidal, Jeremy Lynch
Murder,Plain and Simple -- Bill Fitzhugh
El Detective Latino - Vida en el borde...Steven Torres (here's the cheat sheet in English)
Dead Money -- Fiction by David White
The Day Job -- from Zoe Sharp
Boyos. Charlie Stella.
Killing For England -- A chapter excerpt from Iain McDowel
Collecting Paperbacks, with Bill Crider
Crimespree at the Movies, with Jeremy Lynch and Sean Doolittle
Rape! Murder! Opera! David Corbett
Hate The Character, Love the Book -- Dave Zeltserman
Courts, Knights and Treachery -- Ayo Onatade a sneak peek in PDF
The "CSI" Effect from Jennifer Jordan
Reviews, reviews, and more reviews
Requiem For Jack, from Reed Farrel Coleman
Miss Terious... The Brothers Lemmer Joe and Sam

issue 5

Issue 5
Cover story: Ian Rankin including a look at Rebus, an interview, and the walking tour of Edinburgh
Jason Starr Interviews Charlie Stella
Music article, Crimes On .45 By Kevin Burton Smith
James Ellroy Taught Me To Be A Man
     (AND NOW I WANT TO KICK HIS ASS) by Anthony Neil Smith
On The Web: The Daughters of Freya, an email mystery
On The Web: Junk In The Trunk, The Blog Short Story Project by David White
Fiction From: Mark T. Conard and J.S. Jordan
David Fulmer and David Housewright on Jazz
Japanese Noir Movie review from Gary Warren Neibhur
Natasha Cooper Interviewed by Ayo Onatade
James Swain on Cheating and Poker
Firearms and Fiction Conference by Michael Black
Libby Fischer Hellman goes to Prison
Reed Coleman interviews Peter Speilgelman
Sherlock Homes in Footprints from Thalia Proctor
The Shadow by Tom Jenkins
All this and more including BABY pictures of authors!

Issue 4

The Gauntlet: Authors Go Fishing Brian Wiprud
All About Me Reed Farrel Coleman
Bookstore Spotlight: Once Upon A Crime KJ Erikson
2004 San Franscisco Film Noir Festival Adrian Muller
Fiction: No Good Reason by Jon Jordan
Noir, Tragedy and Other Bummers David Corbett
Cross Genre: Charlaine Harris Jennifer Jordan
I Hate James Hall James O. Born
Magna Cum Murder Ruth Jordan
2004 book round up various contributers
Miss Terious - Comic Joe and Sam Lemmer

Crime Spree at the Movies Jeremy Lynch
Pulling On Trouble's Braids / Tom Waits and Noir by Ray Banks
Where's a Mountie When You Want One? Donna Moore
On The Road with Denise Hamilton
Footprints: An Appreciation of Ross Thomas, by Sarah Weinman
Fiction: Stoop, The Thief from Steven Torres
Personal Safety Tips from Assassin John Rain ...Barry Eisler
Rants and Raves Robert J. Randisi
Who, What, Wear, The 2004 PWA Shamus Award Banquet Christine Matthews
Bouchercon 2004 text by Al Navis
Ugly Eye For The Mystery Guy Jim Pascoe
Fiction: Blood Red Rings Rick Mofina
St Hilda's Crime and Mystery Conference Ayo Onatade
The Dagger Awards with Ali Karim -- with photo gallery

Issue 3
October - November 2004

Sneak Peek: PointBlank Press by Donna Moore

Issue 3 Contents:

Letter from the Editor: from Jennifer Jordan
Publisher Spotlight: Point Blank Press by Donna Moore
On The Road with Kelli Ketterling, Ruth Jordan
Footprints: The Secret Of Father Brown - Ruth Jordan
Fiction: Bitter Almonds from Michael A. Black
Food: Brunch with Rick Riordan by Rick and Becky Riordan
Rants and Raves from Robert J. Randisi
Sports: I Love This Game - SJ Rozan
Author Workspace and Ride photos - Pics sent by the authors
Ugly Eye For The Mystery Guy - Jim Pascoe
Found In Translation: Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza, by Ayo Onatade
Adventure: Out Of The Blue from Vicki Hendricks
Bookstore Spotlight: Toronto's Sleuth Of Baker Street by Lyn Hamilton
Interview with Ken Bruen from Anthony-nominated author Jason Starr
The Harrogate Crime Writer's Festival by Annie R Chernow
Crime Spree at the Movies - Jeremy Lynch
Fiction: The Killers Guide To Bombay by Zane Radcliffe
Interview with Max Allan Collins from Jon Jordan
The Bouchercon Guests of Honor by Beve DeWeese, Sandra Balzo, Gail Korb, Dave Biemann, Max Allan Collins
On The Web - Crazy Little Things Called Blogs by Aldo T. Calcagno
Travel: What I Did on My Summer Vacation by Scott Phillips
Man In The Know: Jim Haung on Dave Biemann
Criminal Intent - essay by Kevin Wignall
The New York Edge by Reed Farrel Coleman
Fiction: Groupie's Game by Sarah Weinman
Author Spotlight: Bill James by Ruth Jordan
Attracting Younger Readers by Alina Adams
Book Reviews
Ms. Terious - Comic from Joe and Sam Lemmer

Issue 2
August - September 2004

Cover Story: SJ Rozan with Gabriel Cohen, Ruth Jordan and Jeremy Lynch

Sneak Peek: Rants and Raves by Robert Randisi
Also in Issue 2: Life of P.I. by Donna Moore
On the Road featuring Ian Smith
Footprints: Ellory Queen by Ted Hertel Jr.
Fiction - A Game of Hide and Seek by Danuta Reah
Ugly Eye for the Mystery Guy by Jim Pascoe
Found in Translation by Ayo Onatade
Sports: Par for the Course by Reed Coleman
Publisher Spotlight: Poisoned Pen by Ruth Jordan
Bookstore Spotlight: Partners and Crime by Sarah Weinmann
Looking Back in Anger by Ali Karim
Convention Report: Mayhem in the Midlands by Sue Kelso
Crime Spree at the Movies, featuring Keith Snyder and William Kent Krueger
Fiction- Nested Russians by Patrick J. Lambe
A look at Jack Reacher by Dick Flannery
Interview with Ralph Pezzullo by Reed Coleman
A Revisionist History of New York by Dave Biemann
Confessions of a Biker Chick by Barbara Seranella
In Inspector Maigret's Old Haunts by Cara Black
Fascati's Pizzeria by Norman Green
You Aren't What You Eat by Simon Kernick
Interview with Jason Starr by Jennifer Jordan
Fiction- The Man From the Second Fifteen by John Connolly
Cross Genre- The Preacher by Jon Jordan
Miss Terious by Joe Lemmer
33 new Reviews

Issue 1
June - July 2004

Cover story and brand spanking new interview with Mark Billingham

Sneak peek: CincinnatiMedia -- Web designers supreme

sneak peek: Author Websites -- Take Our Quiz

Issue One features include: Book reviews of some of our favorite reads
A contest to win the new book by Mark Billingham
Brian Wiprud explains his day job
Blake Crouch fills us in on his first-ever signing tour
Reed Farrel Coleman expounds on his love for Bouchercon
A look at the work of Baroness Orczy
Our Bookstore spotlight shines on Booked For Murder in Madison, Wisconsin
Ali Karim gives us a look at the British crime scene
The rock group Brother
exclusive photos of authors and their work spaces
Ask Dave!!!
The first installment of our on-going comic -- Ms. Terious!
Valerie Malmont takes us to Malice Domestic
Donna Moore - Edgar's Week
William Gagliani interviews Robert W. Walker in our Cross Genre feature
Short Stories from Harry Shannon and Gene DeWeese
Ugly Eye for the Mystery Guy!!! column by Jim Pascoe
Publishing spotlight on Bleakhouse books
The Mysterious Disappearance of Rob Kantner by Joe Konrath
Caroline Todd talks Baseball
Short fiction and reviews!